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To take a break from boring stories from the road I want to let everyone know what I packed in the van as we were leaving.

-Tooth brush

-Tooth paste


-Deodorant (As a courtesy for the others in the van. DO NOT FORGET!)

-Dry shampoo! (It’s like a shower in a can. Kinda.)

-Face wash

-Makeup (to cover up the road face)

-About 10 pairs of socks (you never know…)

-Two shirts (even when you can’t shower, it’s nice to have at least one change of clean clothes)

-One extra pair of pants

-Lots of undies

-Phone and charger (car and wall)

-4 packs of cigarettes

-A book

-Headphones (These came in extremely handy when we were sleeping on the floor of The Upstairs Tavern)


-A pillow and blanket or sleeping bag (I slept on the floor every night, sometimes we’d get lucky and have to share a couch or two)

-A case of Redbull (Hangovers are nasty things, and there isn’t much good sleep on the road)

-A case of water bottles (for the same reason as the Redbulls)

-Tylenol (see Redbull)

-Beer money

-Bass Drum (and pedal)

-Snare drum (and stand)

-Two sets of brushes (what I played with instead of drum sticks)


I wish that I had thought to bring some Fabreze. In place of a shower, we often just stopped at rest stops and gas stations to rinse off. The Fabreze would have kept our clothes and the van smelling a little bit better than it did.

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