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Breakfast of champions!

Waking up for 5 days straight hung-over starts to get a little rough on the body. It’s important to get some veggies and some proper nutrition. Rob thought ahead and brought a case of V8 Juice. It’s not exactly the most healthy thing in the world, but when you’re dead broke and dehydrated from a night of drinking it’s the best. Next to the V8 is a can of beer. This will also take the edge of the hang-over off. Between the two is something called an Energy Sheet. In a quote from their website: “What is in Energy Sheets®?
Energy Sheets® contain Vitamins E, B5, B6 and B12. 2 Energy Sheets® contain caffeine comparable to a cup of the leading premium coffee. Sheets® have no sugar, no calories, require no water, are fast-acting and taste great!”

I’m not all that sure if I would classify them as tasting great, but they work. Taking one Sheet almost feels like you chugged three pots of coffee and a few red bulls. The crash is terrible. Rob took one almost every hour when he was driving so he could stay awake after long nights of partying and sleeping on floors. Don’t do that. Never take one that often. I still don’t know how he didn’t have a heart attack.

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To take a break from boring stories from the road I want to let everyone know what I packed in the van as we were leaving.

-Tooth brush

-Tooth paste


-Deodorant (As a courtesy for the others in the van. DO NOT FORGET!)

-Dry shampoo! (It’s like a shower in a can. Kinda.)

-Face wash

-Makeup (to cover up the road face)

-About 10 pairs of socks (you never know…)

-Two shirts (even when you can’t shower, it’s nice to have at least one change of clean clothes)

-One extra pair of pants

-Lots of undies

-Phone and charger (car and wall)

-4 packs of cigarettes

-A book

-Headphones (These came in extremely handy when we were sleeping on the floor of The Upstairs Tavern)


-A pillow and blanket or sleeping bag (I slept on the floor every night, sometimes we’d get lucky and have to share a couch or two)

-A case of Redbull (Hangovers are nasty things, and there isn’t much good sleep on the road)

-A case of water bottles (for the same reason as the Redbulls)

-Tylenol (see Redbull)

-Beer money

-Bass Drum (and pedal)

-Snare drum (and stand)

-Two sets of brushes (what I played with instead of drum sticks)


I wish that I had thought to bring some Fabreze. In place of a shower, we often just stopped at rest stops and gas stations to rinse off. The Fabreze would have kept our clothes and the van smelling a little bit better than it did.

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