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This might be a little gross…

To pass time in the van, we tended to play a game. It’s a game that Rob calls “Movie titles that sound like taking a dump.” At first I was not happy to play this game but you have to get from one town to another without harming anyone in the van somehow. The rules of the game were very simple: movie titles that accurately describe bowl movements. Some examples would be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Breaking Dawn, Dante’s Peak, Cool Runnings and Red Dragon.


It’s perhaps the grossest game in the world, but after a while you’ll run out of things to talk about.


What’s your favorite movie title that describes a bowl movement?

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Leaving tomorrow!

Kicking off the tour with a show here in Kentucky at Magnolia Bar and Grill. We are leaving tomorrow and heading for Nashville then to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and back home.