A little bit about the band and the blog:

On their March 2012 tour, Bosco consisted of Sam (founding member, song writer and acoustic guitarist), Bobby (lead electric guitar and back up vocals), Sheila (bassist and older sister of Tour Trash’s creator), Rob (van captain and accordion player) and Karyn (snare and bass drum, stepping in for the actual drummer Trey). Neither Rob nor Karyn were supposed to be on the tour, but were both added last minute. Bosco describes themselves on their Facebook page as “hardcore flatgrass.” The March 2012 tour was 6 days long and was kicked off at Magnolia Bar and Grill in Louisville KY. From Louisville, Bosco drove to Nashville TN, Conway AR, Oklahoma City OK, Lawrence KS, Topeka KS and back to Louisville KY. Along with Bosco, Joel rode in the van and performed under the name Monzie Leo. Joel often opened for Bosco.

Tour Trash, originally created as a guide to surviving a week on tour, consists of mainly pictures of life on tour and stories from the road. Along with tips and tricks on how to spend a week in a van without any confirmed place to sleep or eat. Included in the information provided on Tour Trash is suggestions on how to sleep comfortably on the floor of a bar, what to bring in the van, how to efficiently set up gear, the importance of merchandise, and how to eat without any money. Tour Trash also chronicles the party scene in various cities visited.


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