Conway Arkansas, you guys kill it!

Conway Arkansas was the house show that flipped the tour around on it’s head. We left Nashville Tennessee with our hopes crushed because no one was there and we had no money. In a last ditch effort to obtain some money for gas (since busking didn’t pan out as well as we hoped it would) Joel came up with the idea of selling beer. Conway AR is located in a dry county so there were no bars and no liquor stores. We hopped in a car with a girl from Conway and drove 45 minutes back the way we came to pick up two 30 packs of Milwaukee Best (the cheapest beer the store had). We decided to make our money back we would have to sell one 30 pack at $2 a can. Turns out, college kids in a dry county will pay this rate. Supply in Demand I suppose. We sold the beer to the college kids at the house show and (combined with door donations) came out ahead with $80. I’m not proud that we did this, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to not run out of gas in the middle of Arkansas.

The show itself was my favorite show on the entire tour. We started the evening with a game of dominos and getting to know the kids who lived in The White House. Once the set started, Rob plopped Devo hats (also known as energy domes) on our heads and the night was a go! We started off a little rough, but pulled it together and I could feel myself actually feeling the songs and getting them right. The Conway show was the 3rd time I had ever played with Bosco. The house was packed and the kids were even asking for an encore.

We met a kid named Austin who attended Hendrix College (located in Conway). Austin played first at the show, and since he was a well know student most of the kids came out to see him. Luckily the kids stuck around for Joel (who rocked the house) and also for us. I’ve never been as sweaty as I was that night and I’ve never smiled as much as I did that night. Even though we were playing harder and faster I still kept looking up to witness the crowd singing, dancing and even crowd surfing.

I ended up smacking my knuckle on the rim of the snare drum because one of my brushes slipped but kept playing. When we stopped playing I checked out the injury on the porch. There was no blood but my finger swelled so big I couldn’t even get my brush back around my finger. This created quite a problem for the rest of the tour.

Conway AR

A shot by Rob from behind me of Sam, Bobby, my sister and the crowd.

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