Conway Arkansas

We hopped into the van after loading everything in and took off for Conway Arkansas. The drive was six hours and none of us were ready for it, financially or mentally.  When we pulled into Conway we saw a house with bike frames hanging from the porch ceiling, pictures frames and hula-hoops hanging from the trees and a sign made of what looked like driftwood that read: “Occupie Rowdy Town.” A kid with long hair, cut off shorts and a flannel shirt greeted us as we pulled into a gravel parking lot right by some shady looking train tracks. The house was called The White House (not to be confused with the Blue House or the Brick House- which are also house/venue/things). Needless to say the six of us were not excited to be in Conway. After eating some sandwiches Rob and I took naps in the van while the others busked around town to get us some gas money. We only had $20 to our collective name.

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